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Hiya Folks, Forwarding this on from a current M.Litt student. I…

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Hiya Folks,

Forwarding this on from a current M.Litt student. I know there are some of you out there who would be very likely candidates for this.


So this email is going to be full of information - and stories, because really, as any of my friends will tell you, it's the only way I know to communicate information.

"And we're off:

Story one: I tried to send this from my yahoo account because that is the email address I would like to use, as I am leaving in a month to move to NYC will not have access to the MBC one in a month or so. However, it wouldn't let me. So, here we go again - more on that later :)

ok, story one sucks

Story two:

I recently went to the CEA conference and delivered an edited version of my VTP final paper, the one in which you compare an early play with a late play in terms of rhetoric and verse. Anyway, the paper actually went over very well. And I know that Ryan McCarthy (hi Ryan) also went to a conference on his paper.

Ok, pause on that part of the story: When Sarah and Farrah came over from London, one thing that they asked me on the way to the airport is what were we doing to do get our information out there. Because, and they're right, we're the only school/group of people that are doing this work.

Ok, play on the other story:

So we were talking in the car on the way home from Pittsburgh. And we were talking about how great it would be if we could get a group of people together who had great VTP papers with interesting pairings of monologues and why we choose them - tweak them so that they fit together better, and try to get a book published. And I have heard from other profs that i know that it wouldn't be a bad idea.

So, I know that this won't be easy to find a publisher, but I have some contacts that are willing to introduce me to people. And I think it's worth a chance. I have already asked Dawn to write a glossary for the book of rhetoric
terms that we use, so that people have them all in one place, and she has graciously agreed.

So, here's what I need from you guys. I need people who are interested in trying this crazy thing. I need papers, edited for publication. Things you can do:

1) Send me an email, to the addy - reesagraham @ yahoo . com in the next 2 weeks so I know I have enough interest to continue.
2) Send this email to others who have graduated this program that I don't know who might have rockin VTP papers.
3) Tell me about others you know who had rockin' VTP papers that I should pester.

Things you should know:

1) Your "final" paper is not actually due to me for another 2 months.
2) This is not a guaranteed thing, but I will work my hardest to get it done.
3) I hope to hear from you all :)

Thanks guys!!!

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